• Louise Brosier gave the oak tree to the left of Fellowship Hall in 1985 in memory of her sister, Sue.
  • Holly (Bart) & Betty Bartlett gave the Carillon Bells. The story of the carillon began many moons ago. There was this couple; many of you may remember them, Holly (Bart) & Betty Bartlett, who loved each other and Riverside.  When Bart died, his wife of many years wanted to honor him and his memory and donated a carillon for the church.  After years of use and many attempts to keep it running, it stopped working.  It was cost prohibitive to repair or replace that particular carillon system. When Betty passed on, the church (at a session meeting) decided to investigate a replacement or repair for the carillon system.  Our thanks to Bob Howard & Ron Burleigh who repaired, refurbished and reinstalled a different type of carillon system.


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