Pastor Michael Hafele, Moderator

Class Name Corporation Devotional Leadership
2019 Penny Bernard    Moderator of Personnel Commission
2019 Sue Colley    Member of Care & Support Commission
2019 Paul Pfeiffer II    Member of Outreach, Missions and Evangelism Commission
2019 Carl Plaugher    Member of Worship & Sacraments Commission
2020 Linda Boehmer Secretary  Moderator of Stewardship & Finance Commission
2020 Dan Coon President   
2020 Bob Howard Vice President  Member of Psalm 66 Team
Moderator of Property Management Commission
2020 Mick Ray    Member of Property Management Commission
2021 Stephen Hoagland    Member of Care & Support Commission
Member of Outreach, Missions and Evangelism Commission
2021 Jennifer Lyons    Moderator of Education Commission
2021 Nelson McCray    Moderator of Education Commission
2021 Marianne Pluchino    Clerk of Session
Member of Care & Support Commission
2021 Lindalee Torgler Treasurer  Moderator of Fellowship Commission

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