Dr. Vernon Boushell Concert Series

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Riverside Presbyterian Church of Cocoa Beach

If you would like your free tickets emailed to you, please complete this form.  If you are uncomfortable with email, you can just call the Box Office at 321-525-7825 and leave a message for a volunteer to call you and arrange for your tickets to be placed at the Will-Call table at the concert.

Free Tickets for Christmas are available at the Box Office in Fellowship Hall after Sunday worship services.

The free tickets will limit seating to around 450.  It is open seating.  There will be a free will offering taken to support this series.

Will-Call Tickets: 321-525-7825.

Please make certain that this is the concert you wanted.  Please complete this 2 step process and the free concert tickets will be emailed to you shortly.  Thank you and enjoy the concert!

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Make certain your information is correct and press this button to send a copy of the form to the Box Office.  Your form will be processed shortly and the concert tickets will be emailed to you for you to print.  


If you have any problems emailing this form, just send the required information in an email to boxoffice@RiversidePres.org or call 321-525-7825 and leave your name and telephone number for a volunteer to call you.