List of Supplies Needed:

1 inch 3 ring binder
pocket folders with prongs
watercolor paint sets
primary composition notebook
dry erase markers
one subject spiral notebooks -blue, red, green, orange, yellow
bottle liquid glue
5 pocket folders-no prongs- red, blue, orange, green, yellow
24 count crayons
hand sanitizer
large pink erasers
loose leaf, wide margin paper
any size ziplock bags
fabric pencil pouch
boxes of tissues
black or blue pens
binded notebooks
yellow highlighters
black Expo markers
colored pencils
red pens
#2 pencils
head phones or earbuds
cups, napkins, paper towels, paper plates
pencil cap top erasers
plastic school box
blue labeled Elmer’s glue

Please bring your donations to the Narthex on Sundays or to the church office during the week.  Delivery will be made on August 1st.  Thank you!