Concert Hosting Agreement
Community Concert Series


The Community Concert Series at Riverside Presbyterian Church, The Music Church, provides for a group to use our facilities and knowledge to perform a concert.  Use of our Sanctuary should not exceed 4 hours.  Our Sanctuary can hold 450 folks.  Anything that you want to sell or give away, must be disclosed to us for approval.  There are concerts that do not fit into this series – piano recitals for example.

The free-will offering that you take is 100% yours.  However there are certain donations that you will have to make for use of the facilities.  The donations are regrettable but necessary for us to maintain our facilities.

When we agree to host a free concert, we are agreeing to:

  • Open the Sanctuary ($200 Donation)
  • Clean the Sanctuary ($50 Donation)
  • Provide Technical Assistance ($150 Donation)
  • We Can Provide a Grand Piano and Organ ($20 Donation)
  • Clear the Stage
  • Run Sound/Lights/Projections
  • Reset Sanctuary for Worship
  • Close Sanctuary
  • We Provide No Volunteers (A Minimum of 8 is Needed for the Collection)
  • We Can Provide Electronic Free Ticketing ($50 Donation)
  • We Can Provide Will-Call Phone Ticketing ($100 Donation)
  • We Can Provide Emailing Your Concert to Our Concert Email List ($50 Donation)
  • We Provide No Press Release
  • We Provide No Printing

All donations must be paid at least 4 weeks in advance.

In some cases, the Dr. Vernon Boushell Concert Series could sponsor your concert by making your donations.  If that is done, the Dr. Vernon Boushell Concert Series expects that your publicity will mention that your concert is sponsored by the Dr. Vernon Boushell Concert Series of Riverside Presbyterian Church.  Sponsorship by the Dr. Vernon Boushell Concert Series would make your concert free to use our facilities.

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