Welcome to Worship!

Last week we sojourned with the ancient Israelites as they prepared to enter the land promised to them by God. But because their fear of entering this new country was greater than their faith in God’s protection and provision, God left them to wander and die in the wilderness.

This week we will journey with the Apostle Peter as he travels to Caesarea to share a meal with a Gentile believer.  (Acts 11:1-18) Peter followed the Spirit’s leading.  He didn’t let religious distinctions and prejudices get in the way of going through the door opened to him.

God was already at work extending the reach of the gospel to the Gentiles; Peter embraced the new possibilities for doing ministry and fulfilling God’s mission in ways no one could have imagined before.

Are we entering through the doors that God is opening for us to do ministry in new ways?  In our own community? Among our own neighbors?

On the journey,

Pastor Melanie