Serving in the church can sometimes feel like being a waitress. Taking orders from diners who are unsure about what’s good to eat. Delivering heavy plates to the table knowing that many times the food will be left untouched and have to be thrown away. Placating impatient diners queued up at the door for a seat. Watching a steady stream of hungry people walking past the window who don’t even know there’s food available inside.

It’s enough to make a church volunteer want to turn in her apron. But then she hears the bell being tapped to signal that a plate is on the serving counter. “Order up!” the cook shouts. She glances over to see if it’s for her table. The cook nods at her and smiles, filling her with His love. Love that she shares with all whom she is called to serve.

As Christians we are called to love and serve one another. Today we celebrate that call on our lives and we recognize with gratitude those who have been faithfully serving the body of Christ at Riverside and at the many congregations represented by all who worship here.

Now serving,

Pastor Melanie