It was Palm Sunday.   Two kingdoms were about to collide.  One kingdom was based on the love of power; and the other on the power of love.

Pilate represented imperial authority. Jesus embodied divine  authority.  Pilate’s soldiers were clothed in the glory of Rome. Jesus’ disciples threw their garments on the ground before Jesus. Pilate’s soldiers marched into Jerusalem in a raw display of earthly power.

Jesus was led into Jerusalem in a ritualized parade to fulfill God’s purposes. Pilate’s goal was to keep the peace through brutality and violence. Jesus was the Prince of Peace about to be sacrificed at the brutal and violent hands of Roman soldiers.

Today as we celebrate Palm Sunday, our world is still divided into two kingdoms.  One where earthly rulers rise and fall.  The other the kingdom of God.  We may live in a world where people rule by might.  As believers, we worship almighty God.

Welcome to worship,

Pastor Melanie