The Israelites lived in a world of injustice and oppression and violence and suffering. They looked forward to the day when God’s justice and peace would shine like light in the darkness. They had hope for that day when good news for the poor would be proclaimed, when prisoners would be released, the blind given sight and the oppressed set free.

As Christians, we are citizens of God’s kingdom but we still live in a world that is darkened by injustice and oppression and violence and suffering. As Christians we are called to be peacemakers, to do justice, and to alleviate suffering. We are called to walk in God’s light.

Are we walking in the light of the Lord? So that others will be attracted to it? Or are we contributing to the violence and oppression which turns neighbor against neighbor and nation against nation? What path are we on?

“Walking in the Light”

Isaiah 2:1-5
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