People who stare as they drive by the scene of car accidents are called “rubber-neckers.” They crane their necks to get a better view of the fender-bender or the pile-up but they don’t stop to help or to give statements to the police.

There are spiritual accidents happening all around us every day.  And what do we do? We stare as we drive by. We crane our necks to get a better view of the spiritual wreck off to the side of the road.  We are “religious rubber-neckers.”  Rarely do we stop to be witnesses. Rarely do we reach out to share the love of Christ through our words and our actions.

As Christians, we are called to be witnesses. Being a witness is who we are.  More important, being a witness is about whose we are.  If we cherish our relationship with Christ, we will be passionate to share our faith with others.

Cherishing the relationship,

Pastor Melanie