Last Sunday, Hate called on Orlando. Orlando did not run away or go back to sleep hoping never to wake up, or complain to God about being alone.
Last Sunday, Hate called on Orlando. Orlando where faith is bigger than fear. Orlando which is the place to make memories to last a lifetime, not have nightmares.
Last Sunday, Hate called on Orlando. But Hate has no place in the City Beautiful. Hate is not welcome to visit the tourist capital of the world. Hate isn’t tolerated in the Magic Kingdom; and Hate does not, cannot, will not abide in the Kingdom of God.
Last Sunday, Hate called on Orlando. And Orlando put out some calls of it’s own. Calls for courage. For compassion. For comfort.  And the call to carry on.
When Hate called on Orlando last Sunday the world responded by telling Orlando it is not alone. Cities around the globe were lit up with expressions of love instead of hate and for tolerance in the face of terror.  Churches reached out to make new connections in their communities and to care for one another.
And now that call to love and tolerance and new ways of being a caring community has come to us.  How will we respond?
With gratitude for all that our own fathers and our heavenly Father do for us,
Pastor Melanie