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Up From The Stump


Good morning! As we gather together to celebrate the second Sunday of Advent, we pray that the Holy Spirit will shine His light in our hearts and bring focus to all our Christmas celebrations. Please join us as we celebrate together during the month. For more information about our ongoing events this month, please note […]

Walking in the Light


The Israelites lived in a world of injustice and oppression and violence and suffering. They looked forward to the day when God’s justice and peace would shine like light in the darkness. They had hope for that day when good news for the poor would be proclaimed, when prisoners would be released, the blind given […]

Love Comes with Expectations


Don’t Be Stinky Fruit! God expects that we will respond to His love for us with love for neighbor. God’s love for us comes with expectations. Instead we show our contempt for God’s love with injustice and unrighteousness: ignoring the cries of those who are hungry or homeless or lonely or lost. The Prophet Isaiah […]