Old Testament

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Bring On The Giants


Numbers 13: 25-33 If we are to move forward, from the previous glories in our history into God’s future promises for his people, we must acknowledge the obstacles along the way. We must understand that the waters will be rough and the boat will rock. The church has historically been seen as a ship on […]

Former Glory, Future Promise


Lamentations 1: 1a, selected verses, & 5:21   Over the past months I have tried to call attention to the plight of the Christian Church in the 21st century. I believe this is essential information for every church and especially a church that is in the process of calling a new pastor. In many ways, […]

Grace Amazing and Always


Jeremiah 31:2-3 From time to time someone makes a comment about a sermon that invites further preaching on the subject. Harolyn does it often. She has this little finger wave. It means “Tell me more” or “Flesh that out a bit more” or “You’re not done with this topic yet.” Here’s the recent comment from […]