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Bring On The Giants


Numbers 13: 25-33 If we are to move forward, from the previous glories in our history into God’s future promises for his people, we must acknowledge the obstacles along the way. We must understand that the waters will be rough and the boat will rock. The church has historically been seen as a ship on […]

Entering a New Country


Welcome to Worship! Fear is a communicable disease. A few spies sent to explore the land promised to the Israelites by God get caught up in the report they are making. They suggest that the current occupants of the land are giants. They display fruit of a size suitable for consumption by giants. And the […]

Gazing in Wonder

You may well be familiar with the account we shared from John’s Gospel. The Pharisee, Nicodemus, comes to Jesus at night. Nicodemus is not just anybody; he is a prominent person in the synagogue and in the community in Jerusalem. He’s an inquiring, intelligent sort of person. Maybe that is why he comes to Jesus […]