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Love Comes with Expectations


Don’t Be Stinky Fruit! God expects that we will respond to His love for us with love for neighbor. God’s love for us comes with expectations. Instead we show our contempt for God’s love with injustice and unrighteousness: ignoring the cries of those who are hungry or homeless or lonely or lost. The Prophet Isaiah […]

Music Matters


Welcome to worship at Riverside! Music matters. Music matters in our worship. Song has united God’s people in worship through the centuries-from the singing of the psalms to the strumming of guitars and the banging of drums. Congregations in our Presbyterian Reformed tradition are encouraged to use diverse music including musical forms which arise out […]

Temple Talk – How to Worship God

Bible References: Psalm 19 and John 2:13-22 What is the primary reason for our gathering here this morning? I feel sure that there are some here who are hoping to find out more about the Christian faith. Perhaps you are a ‘seeker’ – a searcher after God and you may have come here to continue your […]