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Witnesses to the Light

Just as John the Baptist was a witness to the ‘light that has come into the world, so we too are to bear witness to Christ. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be half as excited and informed about our faith as we are our favorite sports team or TV program, as we share […]

Thanks for Everything

Life, at best is difficult, and therefore there is bound to be pain and misery. To be given the gift of free will means that we are vulnerable as human beings, and tragic things will occur. But knowing that God participates with us in the tragedy, misery and pain, can we not turn to God […]

Fullness of Time


The joy of Christmas fades all too quickly as the reality of a New Year faces us. Yet, what God has done for us in the birth of Jesus Christ is not to be taken lightly. The joy is intended to be eternal. May it be so….



Annunciation’ means announcement. Contrary to the usual setting of such stories, Gabriel does not ask Mary whether she will consent to be the mother of Jesus. He tells her that the Lord is with her. Her reply is not so much a granting of permission as it is a recognition that what Gabriel says is […]

Light in the Darkness


John the Baptist reminds us again that so much of the Christian faith entails waiting – sometimes waiting in the darkness. Yet the promise is that God is coming to bring us the gifts of a reassuring word of hope and a even just a little light to tame the dark places in our lives.

The Voice

John the Baptist indicated that he was not the main event, but identified himself as ‘the voice’ who calls one to prepare. Advent is that time given to us to prepare for the One who is coming again, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Active Watching


Advent is the season for remembering the coming of the Christ child some 2,000 years ago. But it is also the season for us to prepared for his promised return. Jesus upon us not to just be engaged in passive waiting, but to watch – to be actively focused and expectant concerning his return, for […]

Good for Nothing


Jesus tells a parable of the separation of the good from the bad. The difference between the two was in their responses to the needs of others in the world without thought for reward. The point is that we are to do good. We are to be good … good for nothing.

Stewardship of Truth


God entrusts gifts to the church for our stewardship. We shall be held accountable. One of the most valuable gifts entrusted to us is that of telling the truth to a world that often tells lies.



With a coin stamped with the image of Caesar, Jesus confronts us with the ultimate questions of ‘Who do you worship? To whom do you owe ultimate loyalty? Upon whom or what do we ultimately depend?