The purpose of this committee is to provide music, lectures and art to the congregation of Riverside Presbyterian Church and the public.  It is hoped that these programs will strengthen our congregation and be an outreach gift to the community.

For programs in our Sanctuary, tickets will limit seating.

Dr. Vernon Boushell Concert Series

The Dr. Vernon Boushell Concert Series will consists of a least 5 programs each season.

Concerts hosted by Riverside will be popular throughout the community.  During the season, a wide variety of musical programs (Dixieland, Celtic, Contemporary, Band, Classical, etc.) will be offered.


The Dr. Vernon Boushell Concert Series season runs from October through June each year.


The Dr. Vernon Boushell Concert Series will be funded through annual sponsorships and free will offerings.  While there will be no charge to attend a program, tickets will be required for programs in our Sanctuary and may be picked up in Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings and in the Church office.  Sponsors will be given their tickets when the tickets become available for each program.

Friends of the Dr. Vernon Boushell Concert Series

We’re excited to be able to offer this Series to our church and community at no charge, so that the life-transforming message of the Gospel is available to everyone.

The members and friends of Riverside Presbyterian Church have provided initial seed money for this program.  A free will offering will be taken at each program, to offset the expenses of the Series; however, to ensure the future of this program, individual sponsorship is necessary for each season.

Folks can express their support for the Dr. Vernon Boushell Concert Series and help guarantee its place in the culture of our community by becoming a Friend of the Series.  Sponsorship is $100 per season and entitles a sponsor to 2 tickets to each program.  This way, a sponsor will get tickets even if a program is “sold out”.

We hope that many individuals will become multiple sponsors.  Some folks may be able to give $200 for two sponsorships, or $200 for four.  The number of $100 sponsorships will be limited to75 per season.


Each program will require the approval of the Session.  The account number for the Concert Series is 261913.  The funds currently in this account will become the seed money for this Concert Series.

Christian Forum

The Forum’s purpose is to provide to the community and its churches high quality speakers of well known prominence.  The speakers will articulate their faith and its relevance to their lives and careers.

Speakers will come from all walks of life, such as authors, business, education, entertainment, government, law, medicine, military, news media, science, sports, etc.

Each Forum will be supported by ticket sales.

Art Gallery

A beautiful Art Gallery on the East wall of Fellowship Hall will be developed as a place for local artists to display their works.  The pictures will not be for sale during the time of their display in the church.  The pictures will be on display for a maximum of two months and the church will not be liable for loss or damage.

Rev: 11/16/2013

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