The Reverend Charles W. Pfeiffer, 1956-1964

The Reverend Nicholas B. Bosworth, 1964-1968

The Reverend Dr. Robert L. Lowry, 1969-1975

The Reverend Earl B. Stewart, Assistant Pastor, 1975-1976

The Reverend L. Rex Pedlow, 1976-1986

The Reverend Dr. A. Allen Brindisi, 1987-2000

The Reverend Jane Wesson, Associate Pastor, 1993-2005

The Reverend Dr. Daniel D. Robinson, 2002 – 2017

The Reverend Roy Sharpe, 2017-2019

The Reverend Dr. Chris Carson, 2020-Present


Rev. Charles W. Pfeiffer with John Glenn

Nicholas B. Bosworth, 1964-1968

Rev. Nicholas B. Bosworth, 1964-1968

Rev. Robert Lowry with Curt and Emily Bliss in December 1970

Rev. Robert Lowry with Curt and Emily Bliss in December 1970

Rev. Rex Pedlow and Sam Privett 1982

Rev. Rex Pedlow and Sam Privett

Rev. Dr. A. Allen Brindisi 1999

Rev. Dr. A. Allen Brindisi

Rev. Jane Nicholas Wesson 1999

Rev. Jane Nicholas Wesson

Rev. Dr. Daniel D. Robinson 2006

Rev. Dr. Daniel D. Robinson

By Ann Brindisi
August 2007

Dear Friends at Riverside:

Many of you know that Allen loved music! From Reba McIntire, Rachmaninoff and the Rolling Stones, to church camp tunes, the classics and pretty much all styles in between.  He enjoyed playing his guitar and listening to church choirs, college choirs and symphonies. He liked the music and the message.

So it seems only appropriate that I ask you to recall the familiar, oft-sung hymn, “Blest Be the Tie That Binds” as the foundation for my words to you.  In this hymn are the inspiring verses that tell us about the strength of a community of believers that shares all with one another and with God.

Last May when Allen was diagnosed with a rare, serious and incurable cancer we were immediately shown the power and love of the “fellowship of kindred minds.” So many friends from near and far and all around the globe joined in an outpouring of concern and love for Allen, me and our family.  It was truly humbling and encouraging.  Cards arrived in bunches, emails and calls came daily and even cds with special music were sent to sooth the mind. Thank you for all of that!

“Before our Father’s throne we pour our ardent prayers.” How you all prayed and prayed, unceasingly!  We felt the power and the comfort from your prayers, not just for us but I am certain for all those who suffer from illness and sadness. Again, thank you.

And then the last verse – “From sorrow, toil, and pain, and sin we shall be free; and perfect love and friendship reign through all eternity.” Allen is now free from the pain of cancer. But I, our family and extended church families are left with sorrow and a pained heart from his absence in our lives. Fortunately for us, God, through Christ has shown His perfect love and that love and your friendship will be our help now and in the times to come.

Allen touched so many lives along the way. He felt blessed to have had over 35 years of successful ministry among four communities of believers in four states.  I continue to hear from so many folks about his ministry, his sermons and thoughtful worship services, his strength of character, his sense of humor and yes, even his golf game!  I cherish each thought shared.

For the many blessings we received during his illness and after his death and with a truly grateful and appreciative heart, I thank you all.

In the strong name of Jesus and with love,
Ann Brindisi

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